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The Harker Group, LLC. uses the latest industry process and equipment design software like Bentley Systems STAAD.Pro®, CodeWare® COMPRESS®, Intergraph® CAESAR II®, and Ray Computer Services RCSWin throughout the engineering, design, and manufacturing process.  Engineering utilizes modern drafting programs such as AutoDesk® AutoCAD® Mechanical (2D), AutoDesk® Inventor® (3D), CodeWare® Interface®, and Intergraph® CADWorx® Plant Professional to provide innovative and optimized designs.

Engineering and design processes include 3D modeling, complex shape rendering, and interference checking to assist in project designs, scheduling, fabrication, assembly, and shipping.  Additional design factors such as special modifications to meet desired delivery dates and/or minimizing transportation costs can also be applied.

Project planning, project management, scheduling, tracking, and material acquisition systems are used to focus the manufacturing effort.

Your project can be completely shop assembled, or preassembled in modular sections for easy on-site final assembly.  The completed design and fabrication can be delivered as a turnkey project.  Design parameters are only contingent on your transportation needs, including optimizing transportation costs.