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Construction & Field Support Services

Construction & Safety Management Services

Project Construction Managers, Safety Managers, Health & Safety Officers, Safety Planners, and Safety & Gas Technicians are certified safety professionals with years of practical field experience.  These professionals are carefully screened and vetted through our hiring process and trained in-house to exceed industry standards.  We can manage, plan, oversee, build, implement, and audit your project activities and safety.

Construction & Safety Management Services
Safety Technicians & Attendants

Safety Technicians & Attendants

Safety Technicians and Attendants are specifically trained in how to properly execute and manage their specific safety related assignments at the job site, such as area & environmental monitoring, gas testing, hot work or confined space permits, bottle watch, fire watch, and confined space entry so the contractor and owner can delegate those responsibilities with confidence.  After the client or contractor completes the work permit, certified Safety Attendants review the permit for the purpose of enforcing the PPE requirements selected by the owners and contractor to ensure that all personnel comply.  Certified Safety Attendants complete their own JSA forms for their job tasks and are trained to identify, mitigate, or report potential safety hazards related to the job tasks for which they are assigned and the client has chosen.

‣  Atmospheric Gas Testing

‣  Area or Environmental Monitoring

‣  Hot Work or Confined Space Permits

‣  Fire Watch

‣  Bottle Watch

‣  Confined Space Entry

General Labor

Maximizing productivity and eliminating waste are key parts of keeping project costs to a minimum.  Safety Attendants are cross-trained in one or more general labor functions often needed at the plant.  When attendants are not assigned a safety specific task, they are utilized as general laborers where needed.  Listed below are some of the labor tasks provided by The Harker Group, LLC.

‣  Unit Cleanup / Housekeeping

‣  Water / Ice:  Management & Distribution

‣  Waste / Trash:  Management & Segregation

‣  Forklift Operation

‣  Traffic Control / Flagging

‣  TWIC Escorts

General Labor
Operations & Commissioning Support

Operations & Commissioning Support

Operations and Commissioning Support personnel are trained and specifically tasked with assisting the plant operations team to safely expedite the process of bringing down the company’s process units and turning them over to the maintenance team to ensure work can begin on schedule.

‣  Operations & Commissioning Support

‣  Permit Writing / Permit Expediting

‣  Operator Assistants:  Oil Out & Oil In Labor Support / Turning Valves / Watching Sight Glasses / Draining Equipment / Helping with Temporary Hoses and Pipes, etc.

Turnaround Execution Coordinators & Planners

Coordinators have 15 years or more of petrochemical experience in the safe performance of mechanical project work.  They work directly with plant personnel to perform assigned duties such as overseeing specific portions of the work scope or blocks of work for the plant.  They augment the owner’s ability to ensure that all work can be according to the project’s plan, procedures, and objectives.  They coordinate with the plant and with the contractors to identify and remove obstacles to help get work completed safely and on schedule.  Listed below are some specific skill sets and task descriptions The Harker Group, LLC. coordinators bring to the field.

‣  Planning / Scheduling:  Microsoft® Project / Oracle® Primavera® P6

‣  Discovery Work Management

‣  Productivity Tracking

‣  QA / QC Services

‣  On-boarding

‣  Logistics / Warehouse

‣  Pressure Vessels

‣  Heat Exchangers / Equipment

‣  Piping Systems

‣  Structural

‣  Scaffold

Turnaround Execution Coordinators & Planners